Planet Samara is what I call the space inside of the my creative part of my mind. I'm often referred to as someone who is "in their own world." Therefore, anything I make for my artistry is truly an expression of my personal identity, which includes my deep convictions about music, culture, spirituality, art, and non-binary fashion. I often dance on the lines of masculine and feminine when it comes to style so it's only fitting that my inner tomboy come out to craft this new collection.

I chose the name for my brand as "Samara" because my name was given as a gift of protection, a gift I wish to share with the you as you wear my designs. Samara is Hebrew for "Guarded By God." Welcome to Planet Samara where you must be a King or Queen because we are more than conquerers.

We are Overcomers

The OVRCMR Collection is infused with influences from my personal heritage, identity, and eclectic imagination. My maternal side of the family comes from Cuba, Jamaica, and The Bahamas. My childhood was filled with influences from African & Caribbean culture. We stayed in touch because my grandmothers' friends used to bring over authentic island food. They wore African attire and accessories from head to toe daily while they worked as church leaders and community activists. 

Seeing these women of color lead as entrepreneurs and thought leaders in their circles while being fashionable left an imprint. That feeling of pride and tribute to home from their adornments always stuck with me. At a very young age, I knew I wanted to make statements through inspiration & artistry. One of my dreams was to be a fashion designer, so I started sewing Barbie Doll clothes by hand and selling beaded accessories to make money for my materials.

Another key influence behind my design aesthetic is growing up looking at African art, photographs of historical Black figures, and paintings from artists in our family all around the house. I've never been disconnected from my heritage. It was apart of our daily life to honor and celebrate legacy. Some of my favorite things in the house were the Cow's Tail Switch and the real hollowed-out puffer fish. Yet my eyes stay fixed on all of the African printed fabrics, the full length furs, and pounds of jewelry from mother & grandmothers' closets.

Strangely enough, my creativity isn't all fashion inspired. My mother's love for Black History and 1970s fashion has also deeply influenced my design aesthetic. These experiences all developed a love for vintage that kisses everything I touch. Oh, and did I mention my mom was a dancer, model, and pageant queen? Miss Black Minnesota, Miss Black America Second Runner Up- type of pageant girl. So I guess you could say I was born into fashion! This picture below always stunned me. 

The OVRCMR Collection is a tribute to the Kings in my life: Jesus, my husband, and my 3 sons. I initially started making pieces that I wanted to adorn my husband in. I didn't want to get him diamond chains or standard things that I could find at a department store. I wanted to create something he felt a sense of dignity and strength in- while still feeling the flex of designer fine jewelry. I studied the techniques women use in African tribes to makes jewelry and the OVRCMR Collection was born. Well, reborn....

I intentionally design statement pieces. The designs are meant to be worn as a constant reminder to heal, empower, and inspire from WITHIN. My greatest joy as a designer is seeing clients embracing the story of the design as their own.


Everything you wear says something about you. So when you wear a piece by Samara, it's meant to be a conversation starter. I like to say that I make "biography designs" meaning I tell stories FOR people THROUGH fashion.

So what's your story?!



Samara Smith